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To Catch a Predator: The Lidstrom Effect on the Suter-Weber Conundrum

Reports that Detroit’s long-time defensive anchor, Niklas Lidstrom, was set to retire began a whirlwind of nostalgic tweets and articles that only intensified after Lidstrom held court yesterday to officially announce his career was, in fact, at an end. Although it’s hard to imagine a soul in hockeydom personally happy to see this day come, it’s probably fair to say that the GMs of Detroit’s 29 rival organizations are pleased their clubs no longer have to face the pending Hall-of-Famer on the ice.

All Eyes on Smashville

Perhaps, though, there’s one GM that would have preferred Lidstrom return instead. David Poile, Nashville’s GM, was already in for an extremely challenging off-season, one in which the prospect of losing Ryan Suter to unrestricted free agency and Shea Weber responding by refusing to sign long-term, seem to be very real threats. The sudden retirement of Lidstrom, then, is an extra complication for the Predators, as the Red Wings, eager to land a top defenseman to replace Lidstrom and flush with cap space, are primed to, and will, make a run at Suter if he’s available come July 1.

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