Earlier today, “Coldrice” over at BoltProspects reported his discovery that the Lightning are looking to hire an Assistant General Manager, so it does appear that something is afoot over at Channelside but what, exactly, is far from clear.

The Lightning still have Julien BriseBois, current Vice-President and General Manager Steve Yzerman’s prize hire in 2010 from the Canadiens organization, and Tom Kurvers, a holdover from the previous regime, listed as Assistant GMs on the official team website, so there is no present indication that either is on the way out or assuming a different role in-house.

If an immediate replacement for either BriseBois or Kurvers is being sought, my money would be on Kurvers, a former NHLer who is responsible for all “personnel issues” and also assists Yzerman by providing “player evaluations” and scouting on occasion. I would be highly surprised if Brisebois (who, at 34, seems to be on the fast track to a head GM post) would jump ship mid-season, especially considering he is the organization’s resident CBA and salary cap guru, is responsible for all transactions and is also entrusted with the oversight of the AHL affiliate in Norfolk.

Another possibility is that a change is planned for the off-season but the organization is being proactive now. , but that seems a more likely scenario than the possibility that the Lightning are adding a third Assistant GM to its hockey operations staff.

Whatever the plan is, what I do expect is the Lightning’s leadership to implement its plan, whatever it is, rather quietly.

Written by Michael Gallimore

Michael was born, raised and still lives in the Tampa area. His coverage of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL and hockey in general appears at Bolt Statistics (which he founded) and Bolt Prospects (as a staff writer). His analysis and opinions have also been featured at Raw Charge and as part of a “Blogger Roundtable” on the Lightning’s official site.

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